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Matt Rogers and his development company are an integral part of our success to date in developing property. His understanding and background in planning, design, construction and development has been a valued asset to our portfolio and his commitment to the project proved to be key to our success.  The group managed the project as if it were there own and maintained the budget and schedule whilst pushing for quality.  The financial systems used were well above par providing us with up to date cost management reporting.  We fully endorse Matt and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Ken Cumner
Bacuro Pty Ltd

Matt Rogers has been on the Board of Management of Match since 28th April 2008.  Matt was targeted as a member of our Board due to his background and expertise in property development.

In his role with the Board Matt has taken the lead in designing a model for the development of affordable housing projects and has taken a keen interest in the federal initiatives in this area.  Matts work has included a comprehensive analysis of this aspect of this business and has keenly focussed on the due diligence required with this kind of project.

Matt has demonstrated a unique level of honesty, integrity and thoroughness in his dealings with MATCH and these have proven to be hallmarks of his business.  We have no hesitation in recommending him for any project he wishes to undertake in this area.

Carolyn J Doherty

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