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R4 Property Group is a diverse private property development company with interests throughout South East Queensland. We have been operational in the design, development, engineering and construction industry for over 20 years and will continue to provide further boutique development opportunities for sophisticated investors.  Our real estate activities specifically include the acquisition, development and management of industrial, residential and commercial properties.
It is our seamless organisational and delivery structure with the ability to make fast decisions which has been key to our success over the last 20 years. Due to this we have been able to establish strategic alliances with Investors and larger Developers resulting in successful joint ventures, where normally it would not be economical for them to undertake, in some cases providing returns in excess of 100%.
Our development focus is on projects with a 'total development cost' of $5m+ and it is our intention to have no more than two investors in any one project or investment structure.  We also only take on a maximum of two projects per development cycle; so limited opportunities exist.

Our future for the organisation is to continue to be a boutique developer, being sector diverse but geographic specific and joining with sophisticated investors (min. $1m equity) who align with our core values to make this vision a reality.

Selective in the projects we undertake and having knocked back more opportunities than we have taken on, we can ensure the security of your equity is in line with our core values.

I invite you to talk to us about this opportunity.  Our team is able to collaborate and investigate opportunities that may suit your long-term investment needs.  R4 property Group will provide concept to completion property development whilst ensuring high performance outcomes and results to our stakeholders.


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