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R4 Property Group provides clients with the full range of Development Property Services, from initial finance through to sales and leasing. With over 20 years industry presence, R4 has extensive experience in every facet of development, from feasibility to design, construction and completion. R4 will partner with you to develop your project economically and profitably. We do not believe in simply ‘talking the talk’.  We believe in partnering with you, working together to make your venture successful. Our project history is testament to this, having worked consistently with clients on profitable projects, many delivering in excess of 100% return on investment to our stakeholders. 

R4 commit to every project undertaken as though it were our own, providing a total Development Management process up to the value of $50 million. Our approach is professional and thorough, and our processes transparent; we provide clients with weekly timelines, cost and profitability statements, ensuring clients’ awareness of precisely what is happening at each step of their project.   

Your project may now only be an idea: R4 can help you turn this idea into a feasible project, and provide you with a complete development solution. Our unparalleled development expertise, industry experience and strong business alliances provide clients with a professional and comprehensive development management package. 

Each R4 project moves through a sequence of phases, from concept to completion: collectively, these separate phases comprise the project lifecycle.  While some project lifecycles may be similar, none will be identical. We tailor our processes to your projects - according to your requirements, R4 will partner with you and guide you through the minefield of Total Development Management.



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